Saturday, 4 August 2012

Reptiles,Amphibians and Their Keyword Significance

Below you will find a list of Amphibians,Reptiles along with some keywords that represent their significance. 

Alligator and Crocodile: primal energies of birth, motherhood, initiation, groundedness, primal strength, creation, integration
Cobra: swift, sudden decisions and actions, no reaction is the best reaction, subtle movements and signs, trust perceptions (also see snake)
Chameleon: shape-shifting, disguise or blending in, clairvoyance, Auric sensitivity (also see lizards)
Corn Snake: easier movement, lifting up, (also see snake)
Frogs: transformation through water and sound, emotional transformation, fertility, new beginnings, cleansing
Garter Snake: act on ideas, heightened creativity (also see snake)
Gecko: do what must be done, pay attention to dreams, restore order, detachment (also see lizards)
Iguana: simplicity, new goals (also see lizards)
Lizards: subtlety of perception, vibrational senses, dreaming
Milk Snake: immunity (also see snakes)
Newt: creative inspiration, ideas, creative endeavors, returning home (also see salamander)
Python: stillness, patience, (also see snake)
Rat Snake: acceleration, movement, (also see snake)
Rattlesnake: healing, transformation, sounds of new life, (also see snake)
Salamander: fire, unique inspiration, assistance, transformation, cooperation, productive, temporary partnership
Snake: death/transformation/rebirth cycle, transmutation, resurrection, initiation, wisdom, Kundalini
Turtle: motherhood, longevity, awakening to opportunities, home on the road, Mother Earth

Key word: Amphibians,Reptiles and Their Keyword Significance


  1. Dear Logesh, we are students in a grade six classroom in Newfoundland, Canada. We like the things that you have written on your site about animals. We are learning about the clasification system of anmals and realized that frogs, newts and salamanders are actually amphibians not reptiles.


  2. Dear Logesh,
    Frogs are amphibians, not reptiles!