Thursday, 7 June 2012

Black nightshade (Manathakkali)

Black nightshade is a highly medicinal plant
 This plant is considered a valuable her
bal tonic and also heals many disorders of the digestive system.
Black nightshade heals many disorders of the digestive system by absorbing, ingesting, digesting and expelling any problematic or unnecessary ingredients to establish normal functioning of the system. Leaves of this plant can be cooked to consume along with the food to get relief from irritation and pain and to get rid off wounds in mouth and also in digestive system
The fruits are laxative and are valued as a tonic.They tend to increase the appetite and act as natural appetizers.
Infusion of the black nightshade dried leaves or fruits can be taken for bringing down the temperature when one suffers from fever. The juice of the fresh leaves can be consumed for keeping the body cool.

Black nightshade acts as a perfect medical plant for stomach disorders and ulcers. The raw juice of the leaves mixed with any other fruit juice or by itself when consumed, it promotes curing of peptic ulcers, colitis and flatulence. The infusion made out of this plant is beneficial in curing troubles of dysentery and any other stomach upsets.
For a person suffering from asthma, the excessive phlegm and catarrhal substances present in the bronchial tube are removed by the use of black nightshade, because its leaves and the fruits effectively help in eliminating catarrhal conditions.
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