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Plant name : Pirandai also known as Changalam piranda
“Fractured bones

 resetted and healed like a miracle through Siddha oushadam Pirandai”

Botanical name : Cissus quadrangularis
Family : Vitaceae
Actions : Alterative, Emmenogogue, Stomachic.

Siddha Medicinal Uses :

  1. The stem of the plant  is used to bandage the part of body subjected to fracture or any bone injury.
  2. The oil prepared from juice of this plant and gingilee oil is externally applied over fractured part.
  3. The stem and leaf of plant is ground and the extracted juice along with equal quantity of honey is given in dose of 15-30 ml for irregular menstruation.
  4. Any disorders of ear like pus discharge or ear ache, can be cured by heating the stem in little flame extracting the juice and using it as ear drops.
  5. The dried root powder can be given in dose of 1-3 gm and this can also be applied externally after mixing with hot water for bone fracture.
  6. For digestive problems, the fresh leaves are dried, powdered and given along with powdered chukku (dried ginger) and powdered milagu (pepper).
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