Saturday, 4 August 2012

Animals and Their Keyword Significance

Below you will find a list of animals along with some keywords that represent their significance. 

Antelope: speed / adaptability of the mind, action
Armadillo: Personal protection, discrimination, empathy, boundaries
Ass or Donkey: wisdom, humility
Badger: keeper of stories, bold self-expression, reliance, aggressiveness
Bat: transition, Initiation, rebirth
Bear: awakening the power of the unconscious, protection, introspection
Beaver: building of dreams, creating structures, builder
Bison or Buffalo: manifesting abundance through right action, prayer
Bobcat:  silence, secrets
Bull: fertility
Caribou: Migration, travel, necessary movement
Cat: mystery, magic, independence, psychic
Cheetah: speed
Chimpanzee: innovation
Chipmunk: storage, work, play, earths treasures
Cougar: coming into your own power
Coyote: wisdom, folly, trickster
Deer:  gentleness, innocence, gracefulness, gentle luring to new adventure
Dogs: faithfulness, protection, loyalty
Dolphin; power of birth, power of sound
Elephant: ancient power, strength, royalty
Elk: strength, nobility, stamina
Ferret: stealth, agility, healing, protection, maneuverability
Fox: feminine magic, shape-shifting, invisibility, transformation, camouflage
Giraffe: farsightedness, higher perspective
Goat (Mountain): Surefootedness, seeking new heights
Groundhog: mystery of death without dying, trance, dance
Guinea Pig: sacred healing
Hedgehog: inquisitiveness, curiosity, misunderstanding, defensiveness
Hippopotamus: creative power, shape-shifting life
Horse: travel, power, freedom, movement
Hyena: instincts, discrimination, discernment
Jaguar: reclaiming power, rewards for effort, integrity, impeccability
Kangaroo: moving forward, leaping
Koala: calmness, relax, detoxify
Llama: secure footing
Lion: assertion of the feminine, rulership, Sun, leadership
Lynx: secrets, the unseen and hidden
Mole: heightened senses, luck through effort
Monkey: communication, expression, evolution
Moose: primal feminine energy, magic of life and death, self-esteem
Mouse: details, scrutiny
Opossum: appearances, diversion
Otter: Joy, playfulness, sharing, female energy
Ox: effort, creative protection, past life issues
Panda: gentle strength, nourishment, sensitivity
Panther: reclaiming true power (Black Panther; embracing the unknown)
Pig or Boar: fertility, fidelity, strength, family protection (wild boar; confrontation)
Polar Bear: supernatural power, teaching
Porcupine: renewed sense of wonder, protection, defense, innocence
Prairie Dog: community, retreat
Rabbit (Hare): fertility, new life, abundance, fear
Raccoon: dexterity, disguise, generous protector
Ram: seeking new beginnings
Rat: success, restlessness, shrewdness
Rhinoceros: ancient wisdom
Sea Lions (Seals): active imagination, creativity, lucid dreaming
Shrew: vision in the dark, sharp hearing and smelling
Skunk: sensuality, respect, self-esteem, reputation
Squirrel: activity, business, preparedness, gathering, collecting
Tiger: passion, power, devotion, sensuality
Walrus: psychic touch, uncovering the hidden
Weasel: sly, secret agenda, stealth
Whale: creation, power of sound/song, awakening inner depth, record keeper
Wolf: guardianship, ritual, loyalty, spirit, teacher
Zebra: agility, success, individuality

Key word: Animals and Their Keyword Significance 


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