Saturday, 4 August 2012

Birds and Their Keyword Significance

 you will find a list of birds along with some keywords that represent their significance. 

Albatross: signs, omens, success through maturity
Blackbird: understanding energies of Mother Nature
Bluebird: modesty, unassuming confidence and happiness, transformation
Blue Jay: proper use of power
Canary: power of voice
Cardinal: renewed vitality, recognizing self-importance
Catbird: language, communication
Chickadee: cheerful, truth, expression

Chicken: fertility, sacrifice
Cock (Rooster): sexuality, watchfulness, resurrection
Cockatoo: courtship, relationships bonds
Condor: ancient mysteries of life and death, spirit communication, overcoming limitations
Crane: longevity, creation through focus, honor, justice
Crow: Secret Magic of creation is calling, master of illusion, sacred law, universal law
Cuckoo: new fate
Doves: feminine energies, peace, maternity, prophecy
Ducks: emotional comfort, emotional protection
Eagles: illumination of spirit, healing, creation, Divine, Spirit (feathers are sacred healing tools)
Emu: wandering spirit, responsible fatherhood
Finch: variety, multiplicity
Flamingo: healing, flirtatiousness, higher heart
Flicker: rhythm, growth, healing love
Goldfinch: awakening to the nature spirit’s
Goose: call of the quest, travel
Grackle: excess, emotion
Grosbeak: healing the heart, family dynamics
Grouse: sacred dancing, drumming, sacred spiral, personal power
Gulls: responsible behavior, communication
Hawk: visionary power, guardianship, messenger (akin to Mercury - Messenger of the Gods)
Heron: aggressive, self-determination, self-reliance
Heron (Great Blue): assertive authority, counsel, self-refelction
Hummingbird: joy, nectar of life
Kestrel (Falcon): mental speed, agility, grace
Kingfisher: warmth, sunshine, prosperity, love
Lark:  harmony, luck, sacred sound, awakening
Loon: lucid dreaming, re-awakening, hopes, wishes, dreams
Macaw: spiritual perception, vision, healing, new light
Magpie: intelligence, familiars, occult knowledge
Martin: luck, community peace
Meadowlark: cheerful, inner journey
Mockingbird: finding your soul purpose, recognition of abilities
Nuthatch: grounding faith, higher wisdom
Oriole: sunshine, warmth, joy
Ostrich: grounded
Owl: mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, vision in the night, deception
Parrot: sunshine, colour healing
Peacock: resurrection, watchfulness, pride
Pelican: renewed buoyancy, unselfishness
Penguin: lucid dreaming, astral projection
Pheasant: family fertility, sexuality
Pigeon: returning to love, security, home
Puffin: abundance through prayer and humor
Quail: group nourishment, protection, secrets, sacred name
Raven: magic, shape-shifting, creation
Road Runner: mental speed and agility
Robin: new growth
Sparrow: awakening, common nobility
Starling: group behavior, etiquette
Stork: birth, unspoken communication
Swallow: protection, warmth, home, proper perspective
Swans: true beauty, power of self, love, grace
Swift: speed, agility
Swisher: awakening to the faerie realm, accomplishment
Turkey: shared blessings, harvest, 12 month cycle, give-away
Vulture: purification, death/rebirth, new vision, fulfillment
Waxwing: gentleness, courtesy
Woodpecker: rhythm, discrimination, beating to your own drum
Wren: resourcefulness, boldness

Key Word : Birds and Their Keyword Significance


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