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Thippili ( Piper longum)

 Thippili ( Piper longum) means “Increasing the Azhal humour or Pitha humour”.
Actions of thippili are Carminative, Expectorant, Stomachic, and Stimulant.

 Medicinal Uses :

Powdered choornam of thippili roots are chewed well by Varma Asans (Physicians) for blowing into the nose of the patient in conditions like faintness, giddiness etc.
The roots of the plants are taken and ground with milk and given for thirst and vali noi.
Siddha medicines like Thippili rasayanam is very effective drug for cough and bronchial ailments.
Chukku(dry ginger), Milagu (Pepper) and Thippili when purified and mixed in equal quantity is known as Thirikadugu. This is an effective digestive, carminative and expectorant and passifies the three humours (Vali, Azhal and Iyam).
Thippili is taken as karpam by mixing its powder with honey and administered for one month.
Thippili choornam 1/4 palam (1 palam = 35 grams) is taken and added to 350 ml of cows milk and boiled and taken internally. This is an effective remedy for cough,flatulance,faintness and Muppini (derrangement of three humours).
Thippili powder fried in ghee and taken in dose of one to two gram twice a day for cough and cold.
For diarrhoea due indigestion one to six gram of thippili powder is mixed with 200 to 300 ml of butter milk and given

KEY WORD: Thippili ( Piper longum)

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