Saturday, 20 June 2015

cold,cough reliver-Sitharathai -

Sitharathai - Botanical name :Alpinia calcarata.
Plant pacifies vitiated vata, kapha, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammations, cough, asthma, bronchitis, hiccough, dyspepsia, stomach pain, obesity, diabetes, migraine and intermittent fevers. Uses: Used in cure of Bronchial catarrh, stomach complaints, disinfectant and cold, cough, chest complaints, indigestion.It is made into fine powder.It is easily and readily available in all sidha stores and grocery shops.usage given below.
Dosage;Half teaspoon Thrice daily after the meal mixed with some honey.
IPaatti Vaidhyam.
We have plenty of grocery items which is available in our kitchen which are being used as medicine
Here are a few:
Sukku - This increases appetite/helps in digestion.Hindi equivalent name- Sunti.
Sitharathai- good medicine for cold..
Thulasi-Medicine for cold.
Milagu, Jeeragam- for digestion/increase appetite.
Thippili- For cold.There are two kinds in this, arisi thippili. kanda thippili.  
Vethalai- Clears various stomach problems and for cold.
Krambu- For toothaches.
Vendhayam- this helps as a coolant.. he he he relieves from body heat.. this can be taken everyday in the morning along with water. But this is suggested for adults.. not for kids or babies
Jaadhikkai- helps to get a good sleep for babies
Maasikaai- It is commonly believed that with this kai, babies can talk earlier.
Vasambu- It is otherwise called as Pillaivalarppan- This helps in curing stomach aches, cures loose motion problem. Cures almost all stomach problems.

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