Saturday, 9 June 2012

Eye lids, the world's fastest wipper

               Our eye lids functions as wipper by moving up and down.Eye lids made of thin skin moves fast
 without interferring our vision.Eye lids does their job automatically.Our eye lids moves one time in every six seconds.In our life our eyes lids moves 2.50 cores times.Hairs in eye lids protects our eye from dust.During raining,wind blowing eye lids protects our eye by closing it.
             Blinking helps to keep the eye wet.At the conner of the eye lids,there are 20 to 30 glands are located.They secrete tears which helps to keep the eye wet.At every time of closing eye lids those glands secrete tears.The tears also has some antibacterial activity,which digest cell wall or the bcteria which affects the eye.
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