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Lets Know Our Body

                           LETS KNOW OUR BODY

               Human Body , the best wonder of the world.One cannot imagine how pr
ocesses are going in my or your body while i am typing or while you are reading this. It is necessary that everyone should know about their body.
                Our body by performs its functions by the help of numerous systems. For example nervous system which coordinates all the processes in our body ,digestive system,respiratory system,reproductive system,muscular system,excretory system,immune system,circulatory system.
                 Here in this post  i am going to share some of the information that i know with you all.
           First of all let us know about our body's immune system.Immune system is our body's police force.Our body's immune system has numerous cells that helps in encounter of foreign cells that entered our body.The cells that are involved in the encounter are T-Cells , T-helper cells, leucocytes. These cells are types of  WBC (White Blood Cells).Beyond these cells , there are other cells  that help in killing of foreign bodies.Apart from these WBC cells,our body handles few other mechanisms to defend itself.
                 We all have suffered from mild fever.Fever is the tool that body uses to kill the  foreign agents in our blood stream.This is same as the process of boiling the water to kill the bacteria.Our body anonymously raises its temperature to kill the bacteria in the blood stream.Try avoiding medicine during when fever is mild.When body temperature is high immediately consult a doctor.When you are having mild fever , always take food in liquid form,fresh juices.Cover yourself with blanket from head to toe while sleeping, for helping sweating.Through sweat drops  killed bacteria are expelled out of the body.
                  Next when you suffer from cold and cough (not due to any bacteria or virus or any other disease causing agents) try avoiding taking  medicine.It will be gone in 10 days.The purpose of suffering from cold is also to get rid of the disease causing agents in our body.The food we eat and air we breathe contains agents that are foreign to our body.To get hold of it there is sticky fluid called mucus in the respiratory and digestive tract and also in the intestine.The mucus layer get hold of the foreign agents in it. When it exceeds a limit the body expels it out via watery discharge through  nose and mucus expelled out when you cough.
                 Now moving to eyes.Eyes are protected by eyelids.Eye lids cannot protect our eye from bacteria and dust particles floating in air.Thus to protect our eye ,it secrets a protecting fluid called tear .Tears are capable of dissolving cell walls of numerous bacteria without which it cannot will live.
               The best healer to every wounds is our saliva.Like the tear it can also dissolve cell wall of numerous bacteria.It kills the bacteria in the food we eat  and also helps in digestion.
                      If you suffer from ulcer there is no need to take medicine.Ulcer is not a disease ,it is also a wound caused due to dissolving of mucus layer in our intestine by hydro chloric acid

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